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The definitive guide to blog writing

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What Is Blog Writing – The Definitive Guide To Blog Writing

Blog writing is the number ONE essential ability every blogger must possess. Yes, blogger are writers in short form; it now depends on how you write.

Remember Brian says “content is king” but what if you have content with no value or qualities. Contents is still king? No your content is meaningless nobody wants

Therefore I strongly believe belongs to any of these categories. don’t know what is meant by blog writing?, don’t know how to start blog writing?, Where to write?, little knowledge on blog writing, why to write blogs

Anyways you are welcome to this complete definitive guide to blog writing, i will be answering the question that borders your mind “what is blog writing” and how to start blog writing or how to write blog.



What Is blog writing

Why blog writing and why to start

Where to write

How to write blog the best way


Short history of a blog in 4 line.  “A blog is simply a medium of passing or showing information through internet”

What is blog writing – what is the meaning of blog writing?. Blog writing simply mean the act of writing for the web or your blog to be precise, this skill makes your web not just the HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT that the developer puts to your blog, as blogging is concern, its require publishing quality contents and good blog writing skill can make you gain authority in the niche that you blog.
Why blog writing and why to start? There are several reason for blog writing but I will give you the most essentials which are
To broadcast information the right way. Good Blog writing skill lets you pass information the right way, you write in a way that pleases readers. And tie them on your blog for often visit
It gives you authority in your niche. You are wondering what I meant by authority, stop I meat that you are think, yes. I mean authority that’s beyond its literal meaning. you say will be peoples doing even when you provide wrong stuff… Lols
It gets you to representing your niche. When anyone needs service from your niche you will be the one to first check on. Imagine you want to start a blog you move to search engine and search how do I start a blog…. With no doubt the first five writers on the first page will be mail for the service. That what you do right? Because you believe those on the first page are qualifies even if they are not qualifies you will not know at last they outsource it to the jobless once on page 5 and on keep it up that’s the only way you can get result anyway.
It lets you dominate for your niche. When you are writing well for your blog, definitely you could be the in the controlling position. Newbie will see you as small God, most influencer.
It gets you more attraction. It wills as well get you lot of attraction, no one knows where your interest come to grow in people. So good blog writing skills could draw interest from visitors, and in many cases
It give you more, more, more good stuff like sales, fans, popularity and the likes
Where and Where to write. Oh could you like to wait for other people to publish the solution the trending problem you are about to write by other bloggers, it unfair if you say Yes to this that mean you don’t meant blogging, when you mean logging you find all possible way to stand firm and wage war against backsliding. Write at every convenient time as well at any convenient place. Who know if the search engine is waiting for you LMAO
Blog Writing101 : How To Write Blog The Best Way


You wonder why I have made this a bit bolder than the others; I guess you have known the reason.

This is a very important section of the whole post and I have to make everything more clearly to you here.

If you don’t know how to write blog you are missing the good in blogging. You are lucky for landing here to learn. “BlogWriting101” this is what you don’t know; you don’t have to be a professional writer before you can write blog. The more you write the more you get improved,

“Practice leads perfection”

So I will be teaching you how to write blog the best way


After I left secondary school, I wish I could make money online. What do I start I’m good in web programming and design. I met a brother he thought how to use freelance sites. I head to over to fiverr start writing for money. The first offer I deliver. The buyer mistakenly accepts his order without checking the file I attached with contain the article I have wrote for him, he replied saying “this is dreadful” Opps what do I do. Improve my skills right, I write and learn more every day. Now I write for lot of people on fiverr I’m not still perfect but I I am improving, to short short I bought my second PC and setup my first blog from fiverr my fiverr earning. Cool right. Now let move on how I personally write blogpost fir myself and for some people


My scope of writing are prettier cool and transparent now learn this is how I do it


What do you want to write about? This is the first thing to thinks of if you will write a compelling blogpost that reader will read… you don’t just write blogpost, you must consider some basic facts.
Firstly put yourself to your reader’s shoes, what is the problem you may face or what is the problem your are facing and you’ll love someone solve this for you with few words. With this you can get a topic to choose you can still or put a seed keyword on goggle and target the related searched, check what’s trending on google trend, yahoo trend, ,, e.t.c. to get what people need

Do keyword research. Keyword research is the steps to getting the qualities of a keyword its volume e.t.c. This is powerful. When you do keyword research the right way and choose a better long tail keyword for you blog post there is an opportunity for you to get on featured on top list in search engines first page for you articles.
Research the topic if it’s new to you or not. Blogging your expertise doesn’t mean you knew everything read other blog and check for where they do not solve well for readers, so for incase you are new to the topic to write on or you don’t know much about it. Research on it, read post from other bloggers, read pdfs, watch videos, and listening to podcast. Write down the points while your read from the jot it in a paper That’s the way to go for incase if you want a better blog writer
Choose catchy Blogpost title. If you have a very attractive headline people will simultaneously land on your posts.
Develop content your contents. Develop contents around your researches. Create contents around your keywords, good contents could leads to many social shares, recommendation, backlinks e.t.c
Write a mindset introduction that prepares you readers minds on what they are reading. You can start by asking them question, introduce them to the topic, what they are about to learn.
Instruction for reading. Highlight the instruction to follow for readers to get the best result from your solution provided (blog post)
Focus on longtail keywords. I mean let your post target up to 3 keyword at a time
Arrange your post. It’s now high time to arrange your blogpost in way that’s readable way, clumsy post could drive your reader away from you blog to other places. So arrange the your points with good numbering or lists
Do include compelling call to action in every post you write, it could be you are telling them to drop comment or questions or anything just make sure its call to action that tells them to do a certain thing.


Blog is a medium of sharing information; blog writing is the act of writing a better post for your blog. Choose attractive headline, details introduction, organize your post, roundup with a call to action text,.


I’m not good in writing but I think I have provided answer to the trending Question “what is blog writing” and I have giving you then complete guide to blog writing. The BlogWriting101

Our point of views is different anyway do share your knowledge or question with me thanks

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