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How to get Adsense approved easily

Written by Reginald
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This is how to get Adsense approved easily without stress, Welcome to the right page. In this post, I have shown the steps and strategies to get Adsense approved fast on your blog in no time.

You landed here either because you want Adsense running on your blog or you have applied several times and got declined? Any of the two you landed on the right post that will take you step by step on how to get it ride of this therefore in this post you’ll learn how to get adsense approved easily.


Hey before we get to the steps on how to get approved for Google Adsense, I want to introduce some terms to you and why you will never get approved for Adsense easily.

What is Adsense and how do Adsense works: Adsense is a program run by Google that allows publishers to earn on their blogs or website when their visitors view or click the ads thanks to google. so to register with Adsense is kinda tough this days and that’s why I have come up with this topic on how to get AdSense approved easily

What you need to get started with Adsense

You’ll just need 3 major things according to

A Google account
Content create from scratch
Phone number with poster-code ready
If your blog falls on this list you will Never Get Approved For Adsense Easily As we thought.

If you have Duplicated Contents
Short Contents blogs
Bad Blog Design
No Sitemap
Contact Page
Privacy & Policy Page
About Page
This is the is where we are going, follow up, I hope you are ready to learn how to get Adsense approved easily.

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Step 1.

Before you will apply for Adsense for fast approval you should consider creating some important pages for your blog which are

Custom Doman: This really matter customs domain are refer though domains with short extensions, like dot(tk, cf, ml, com,, co, az,UK, us etc) so this refers to a custom domain and Google take all the domain extension I had provided above
About Page: This is the page which will contain things about your blog you can craft it anyhow google don’t mind ( it had tested it ) Google is just interested that you have it on your blog also it should be unique or sensible anyway
Privacy and policy page: This page which will hold the legal statement (in law) on how you gather, use, disclose and manage the information of your blog viewers.
Contact Page: This Section will contain how a user can contact you (simple a page you get your contact or to send you email)
Site – Map: This is the last but not the least in term of Adsense approval. Sitemap page is the page that will contain a list of pages categories and web pages of your blog<simple>
After you had gotten the above pages  well organized on your blog then you can proceed with the step two

Step 2.

Get a good design and contents friendly one: Some blog doesn’t get approved because of their bad blog design. Meanwhile AdSense is not like that,They consider your design, so it matters if You want to be approved within hours: just imagine if you are an advertiser and your ad is displaying on a non competent blog that its design chase your targets readers ass away, therefore it is advisable you choose a good design and God so good there are lot of free theme and template that are waiting for you with their Adsense already optimized functions quickly get any of it and apply one.
Contents matters: Your blog content is the number two identity of your blog that shows the kind of blogger you are, how serious you are to blogging, what blogging means to you; it sounds funny? Please don’t let it be that’s just the truth, Adsense doesn’t take the copy paste blogs, You can never get Adsense approved easily if you have low or duplicated contents. All your post image must be original unique, those that are made by yourself. mind you, don’t because of this write a post that it’s is only you and your family searching for ~Shikena
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Blog post length and number: At least since you are just staring I”d recommend you have up to 5 posts with the minimum of 1,000+ words on the blog you can have more than that but it should be at least 5blog post if you want Google Adsense to approve you easily. I had tested this, up till now, I have not updated the test blog. I still have four blog posts till this moment. Create a long content like Emmanuel Ekanem does. craft something that’s long, that’s all. You can choose a topic, write in-depth about it considered a post like this, How to Make Adsense approved your site easily it just craft something that’s long and that’s all.
Step 3.

Create a new google email (Gmail ) account if you are applying for the first time no qualms
Goto the Adsense official website to sign up
Enter your new email if you are applying the first time just carry on with your emails, web URL, choose the country you want to apply for after that you will be redirected to a page to fill your information like your address, phone, poster-code etc. just filled them correctly if you want to create a foreign account move to the next step, if not skip or go to five.
if you are creating a foreign Adsense account kindly goto on another tab to help you generate a valid profile to you to use, choose your gender, name set of your choice and country with the location on Adsense you choose then click on generate
Go back to the Adsense tab and do not overwrite your existing name there just fill in the details you got from fakenamegenerator and click on next button/ submit on your on the Adsense form after you enter your address and other stuff
You will be taking to another fresh page where you will be asked to input your number to confirm so as to receive verification pin.

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Simply clear the Number they bring to you, enter your own real number with your country code like this (+2348147XXXXXX) then confirm
You will receive a code on your phone which will require your input on in a space that would be provided just enter the code in the space provided then confirmed. You will get Adsense approved easily


I hope By now you have a better understanding of how to get Adsense approved easily, You will surely get Adsense account approved within hours.this worth $50 on warrior forum but for a newbie like you the best way I could be of help is giving out free things: anyways this is 100% completed tutorial if you still get stucks while reading of using this method, kindly drop a comprehensive comment

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