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I don’t need to ask you why you are here again I’m 100% sure you are here to learn how to start a blog. Well, I’m going to show you the effective strategies and step by step guide to your question “how do I start a blog” and make it viral on some days

Note: if you are the lazy type that doesn’t like reading long post I’m not sure you can get any good value here I’d suggest you find alternative way make your blog

How do I start a blog: sometimes back before I start this blog the right was I also find this question hard to answer, meanwhile I’m a web developer and designer. I help people create blog websites and even some advanced works are being outsourcing to me from freelancers across the state. But still, how do I start a blog is what border me a lot, suddenly I come up with some ideas which I used to make my first blog and the ideas are what I shall be exploding to you now.


You might still be wondering why I have come to put this here and not going straight to the points you need from me partaking to your question “how do I start a blog”. Is okay but I was once a beginner and I know what I passed through. So don’t blame me it’s all for your success.

I knew some still don’t even know why they need to start their blog. Anyway, that is what I want to reveal now.

It gets you an authority in your passion or niche.
It brings you targeted traffic. I hope you’ll be glad getting high converting huge traffic to your stuff, its cool right? this is even up-to what could make you create a blog
It gets you more sale. In anything you run either offline or online, when you have online presence people will love it to navigate through your product on their mobile, you also love this too, and yes I know. Won’t you then consider this to making a blog for your market?
It gets you, new customers. Every day you get new visitor and customers keep coming. A blog is a very powerful app you can use to make your way to get customers every time. This is also cool right
It gets you some bulks. Even if not on your blog with all the above I have drop you could get some money from your blog, you get huge traffic its convert to customers, customers turns buyer, you make money
You get renown as a professional. With no much saying you could also get famous in your industry. Imagine those blogs your love to talk about, visit daily and recommends to families and friends
Now you have prior understanding on why you should have a blog ? Good let move forward!

What does it cost to start a blog website

Well to start with your first blog you should budget at least 100$ for your stuffs to buy, if you want to make a good blog I mean.

Domain name. this won’t cost you less than 12$ per month and it varies it depends and the provider
Webhosting plan. Good webhosting plans starts from 2$ per month so I year hosting plan would cost you 24$ at least for the first year
Theme or template. This is essential it could cost at least 24$ if you want a premium and better. But as for a start 24$ theme is okay for you
Seo service. This could be done by you its optional but if you want a fast result you can order from a professional to to this for you for some token you can get seo service for as low as 20$
Here is the way out – how do I start a blog website

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Identify your passion to blog about. Firstly you should brainstorm on what to blog about. There are a lot of niche you can venture into but unfortunately when you cannot perform the best way then your blog will surely dead. Or do you visits blog with low contents quality? NO, NO? Then to avoid this follow this simple steps to know what you should blog about.
Start your passion. You saw a lady, you like her, proposed to here. Definitely you will was want to please her. You might not get me still this is what I mean when think of that thing you know you can do a day without you thinking about, it might be movies, cooking, music, sport, education, lifestyle, news, or anything you knew you love to do mostly that you could be providing at least 500 words for everybody that ask about it from you.

Cool, I know some guys love football the history of CR7 is fully on their heads even they are not born when Messi started to playing football while some like gaming. They play game like they are game themselves.

Also I know some ladies would like cooking stuff or creative stuff. Some ladies can watch movie to some extents but some girlfriends as well like to travel like my sister does.

There is nothing you can’t blog about just first of all fish out your talents, passion or what you can do best.


This should be no problem to you, everybody have weak points, and as blogging is concern, the challenges some guys can have are WRITING, DESIGN, QUALITIES CONTENTS, or anything I have complete guide on how to make your blog standout at the last section of this blog post.

I hope I’m making sense? Let move further

Choose a self hosted blogging platform.
There are lots of blogging platform you can use, e.g WordPress, blogger, jomoola, drupal, tumblr, medium, squarespace, e.t.c. some are free platform that won’t cost you a dime to setup e.g blogger, tumblr e.t.c. they will not give you control to your blog websites also you cannot customize use plug-in the most worst part of them is that you have limited disk and it its not extendable so using this kinds of platform is not advisable.

Therefore to get the good result in making your blog website, I recommend using a self hosted content managing system like WordPress, druper, jomoola, e.t.c. This set of platforms will give you prior opportunity to make your blog websites to your taste you will have full control to customization, include awesome design and plug-in, tweak the blog to your taste. This is awesome right? Then you should set your mind to using woordpress of other content managing system.

Also It depends on which one you found easy at first but I will always suggest using wordpress it will cost you less time to achieve your aims to making you blog website



Register a unique custom domain name. What is custom domain? Custom domain is domain name that are independent on others for example are e.t.c. Domain name represents you; it could be your business name, niche title or your brand name.

Your domain name represents you or your business so it should be choose wisely how do you choose a domain name.

Do market and keyword research. How ?

Who do you want to rich
What do they need from you
What can you help them solve
What product do they need
What the volume of the keyword you have choosing for your domain
Puts this 4 question to yourself assume to be the customer you want to reach and the producer to reach the customer. How you can best serve them if you can answer this then you should come up with a domain name that will best reach your customers for your products and your services so after this register you domain name with professional domain extension e.g. .com for any type of blog website, .org for organization website, .net for internet websites .info for information websites, .co for co-operation website and .club for club websites so I prefer to use .com, .org and .net, for my first blog

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Are you getting  points YES.

Choose a web hosting for your blog. Webhosting companies will provide you with space on their computer system as a database for you blog file or documents and to set your domain for it to work with your documents to be visible to anyone that input your blog website URL( uniform …..). There are lot of companies you choose the one you like e.g Bluehost, Hostgator, Namecheap e.t.c. Meanwhile there are also free host but don’t use free hosting plan. Its not reliable it just like using a free bloging platform like as I have explained above. You can get a webhosting from Blueshost for as low as 2$ per month with this link, from hostgator with this link and lastly from namecheap with this link

Install a contents managing system. I hope you would use any of the above recommended platform and contents managing system? If yes this is a simple step to installing wordpress on you webhosting server

Logging to your cpanel after you have logging successfully scroll down to auto installer or  scroll down to wordpress logo and hit the click button the installer page will come up delete “WP” that is provided on the directory form and hit the install button. A a page will pops up congratulating your for installing wordpress

Apply a simple design. Since you are new using simple design could be the best option I personally done read blog with too lot of flashy design. I hate it. So avoid using any theme you found on google. You can buy a premium wordpress them with discounts here on themeforest
Then login to your wiordpress admin panel with this hint replace youblogwebsite with our domain your name and after you have login successfully, navigate to appearance – theme – add new – upload – choose file – upload and after the theme is uploaded click activate and visit your blog you should have a new look Yea You Are Getting There

Create the essential pages. Now that you have install wordpress and uploaded your preferred theme or choose from the free ones provided by wordpress, you need to create some pages to create pages so to crate pages login to your wordpress admin dashboard and navigate to page – add new and input your page title and the contents in the large space provided. You Are Making Your Blog Website Yaer!!!. I have listed pages according to how your have to create them below.
This will contain everything about your website
In this page you include all your contact how user can get in touch with you
Privacy policy. This will contain how you legally use the information you gather from for user like their mail list, login, bank details e.t.c.
This page holds your rights on everything your provides on your blog
This is a page where you have your content is short form for the user to be able to navigate with easy scrolling, your homepage and categories pages are usually clumsy. Convenient your user, it also help in seo (search engine optimization)
This page should hold the services you render, e.g you have a blog for you catering service or house building service or any biz you run. It is advisable you have a service page so that user can easily know what you do
Now you have created your important pages let crate your first blog website post

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Write your passion for to the web and your reader. Like I have said you need you have something you knew you can write at least 500 descriptive word about it if anyone ask about it from you. No worries now let me quickly teach you how to make a blog website that’s stands out


This is another question that border lots of new blogger but any way if you are one, I’m here to answer your question “how do I make a blog websites that stands out” anyway let move on with the how

HOW 1. Be yourself be unique don’t try to be anybody or copy this can leads to mess in anyway

HOW 2. Master Seo its important. As a new blogger, seo might be tough just make sure you apply as you learn that’s the best way. No one is 100% seo God you can ask the tech guys to do this for you

HOW 3. Always spy your competitors. Always check on what’s trending on other popular blog website.

HOW 4. Check for their errors. if they provided a contents that’s not satisfying, make contents around it and let them know by comments or mail them

HOW 5. Create pleasing Contents. Some bloggers are just lazy they can’t sit on their computer and write long contents. Writing 400words article will not be okay. No descriptive blogpsot should be less than 600 words yes tried this. So avoid low word count contents

HOW 6. Target Specific keywords. When you are writing you blogpost its should be keyword rich so mater keyword usage

HOW 7. You must serve a community. You must have a specific set of groups you should serve this are those that will be your fans time. So make sure you solved their problems the best way so they keep recommending you to others and you started gong viral and  I could remember those blog I can’t do without reading a day

HOW 8. Make friends with blogger within your niche. This could help a lot for incase you need help or you could be recommended on their blogs or invited as guest. Make friend with them and reason together. You are on the right way to making and authoritative website

HOW 9. Learn to use wordpress. learn beyond using wordpress for publishing your daily blogpost, the secrete is that if you don’t do this you will always pay for the tech guys and I know how much it could harm a new blogger that has not been generating income to be spending this little daily token so to avoid this learn to use wordpress professionally

CONCLUSION. I hope you have learnt a lot in this post on the trending question “how do I start a blog?”, “make blog website?” e.t.c if you have follow the steps I have provided for you I’m 100% sure you would find blogging easy and you become and addict soon therefore I love to know your views about this post how helpful is it. I will be glad to hear from you thanks in advance for incase you found this post helpful or have any question

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