Godaddy Affiliate Program Steps to Sign up and Monetize it

How to sign up for Godaddy Affiliate Program and monetize it

Godday affiliate program remains one of the best affiliate programs you have to promote if you’ll like to make some money from affiliate marketing Godaddy affiliate program is a good one to start with.

About Godaddy: Godaddy is one of the leading domain names and web-hosting selling company from India; moreover, there are opportunities for affiliate and internet marketer who is ready to promote their offer (domain names and web-hosting) and make some bucks, are you ready to be one? If yes.

In this crash tutorial, I will be teaching step by step how to sign up for the GoDaddy affiliate program in no time and make money with them.

Are you ready to get started? Here we Go!

There are several ways to hook up with GoDaddy affiliate program meanwhile they don’t manage this affiliate system by their self again but on this post, I will teach you how to get to promote GoDaddy program.

How to Sign up step by step:

You should have one of the following accounts to signup

  1. Commission Junction
  2. Zanox
  3. Viglink

If you already have any of the above accounts you can move kindly skipped and move on to the next step, but if you do not have, here’s how to register any of the above mentioned.

Commission Junction: how to register commission junction account to promote GoDaddy affiliate program

  1. Goto and navigate to FREE PUBLISHER SIGN UP >> and click it this will head you this page.
  2. Choose the language you understand, First name, Last name and input your email and click next to the verification mail.
  3. Goto your email and check for “CJ affiliate publisher signup- please confirm” in the email there is a link attached to it. Click on the link to confirm. You will be directed to a page where you have to input your details, input all the required details and click on their terms and conditions and you’re goods to go.

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Zanox: how to register with a zanox account to promote GoDaddy affiliate program.

  1. Goto on the page there are three segments, they are
  2. Account Details
  3. Account setting
  4. Ad space

So fill the form accordingly, once account is created you’re goods to go

Viglink: how to register with a Viglink account to promote GoDaddy affiliate program.

  1. Goto input your email and you will receive a mail from viglink, in the mail containing the link to verify your mail.
  2. Click on the link to verify, the direct you to the account setup page.
  3. On the page you have to input set your preferred password, then click on the accept terms of service and privacy policy and CREATE ACCOUNT

Now, are you ready to promote Godaddy affiliate links? oh, no, don’t be too hurry the last step is yet to come.

Here is it.

Now I hope everyone had created an account from the above if yes this is the last step

  1. Login to your affiliate account manager
  2. Navigate to the page for selecting affiliate product to promote
  3. Search for Godaddy in the advertiser bar and join

Use this same step to apply with commission junction or viglink or zanox

Now that you have applied successfully copy the URL for promotion and start to earn some money by promoting GoDaddy domain names and web-hosting offers

Must Read

Now you have the link to promote, for the benefit of the new internet marketers and affiliate markers, I will like to share this very tangible tip with you.

How do you wish to promote the link, I don’t want to know but if you can follow any of this ways two way you will probably get more sales than using your own way of promotion and by this, you can boom you earning, since our aim here is to make money.

This is it, are you ready?

To get the best result in promoting affiliate you have to have something in mind

  1. You must have a space for promotion
  2. You must show your ad to those that will convert

You’re still wondering how to do it? Okay here is it

You must have a space for promotion: If you have a blog this is too easy, just find a better space that you know every viewer of your blog can see this banner, write post relating to this link you have, probably you might have the first page and by this you’ll get more sales. What if you don’t have a blog? this is what to do consider to buy traffic or send free traffic to your affiliate link and I’m 100% sure you’ll get sales,

Finally, you have the complete guide to earn money with Godaddy affiliate program by just promoting their affiliate links and earn some money when people purchase a domain name or web-hosting package from your link.

Now your turn

How do you see this post, is it cleared or not, where do you want some more in-depth expectation. Kindly drop comments thanks in advance.


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