Want to know about us.  that’s prettier cool, I have some write-up below that best introduce who I am and about my blog

Who is Toluwasee?
Hi, I’m Toluwasee Olawoyin, talented computer genius and jovial somebody, I love web development, programming, hacking and blogging are one of my favorite stuff, as I don’t like gaming and football. Therefore I replace that space with blogging because of you. In short, while you are on the file playing football I’m on my system solving a problem to be published on the web for you and some lazy bum ass Lol….I welcome you to BLOGGERSAID dot com.

Why do I create this blog?
I created this blog out of passion purposely because of you and me in one way or the other. Either because you could learn from me or I could learn from you one of this.

This is a blog of a dream, I had been trying to settle on blogging but I find it hard to do so, due to freelance work and some other task. But henceforth I’m fully back to blogging for real and for life to teach you guys how to make an authoritative niche blog.

What do I mean by authoritative niche blog: I simply mean, a blog that could be dominating your blogging niche, blogs that could be the authority of your niche, or we say a blog that could be speaking for the niche you blog…

Have I  gotten blogging awards?
As at now I haven’t earned/won an award but we hope to do as times goes on that I will be sharing my experience with you guys

I will also provide you with touching interviews with top bloggers all around the world every Thursday and every Sunday I shall be reviewing about blogging products and let you hear about how it goes. Welcome to the blogging base where you learn everything requires to starting blogging the right way, don’t mind if this is my first blog I’m new, it doesn’t matter for now. I got lots of packages for every reader of this blog. I will surely meet your need with my blog posts.
Thanks, I remain your humble Author: Olawoyin Toluwase E
Let us learn…!!!